HMS Vindictive. Feb 11, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Javie Hubby. Passage Submit events/comments/updates for this vessel, Harland & Wolff Ltd. (Belfast, Northern Ireland). At the beginning of WWII she was converted into a repair ship. HMS Vindictive was a warship built during the First World War for the Royal Navy (RN). January                  Freetown deployment 24th        Embarked troops at Bogden for use as a Destroyer Depot Ship. google_ad_height = 90; to Operations showed however the need for a more heavily armed cruiser type designed to counter German commerce raiders and be posted in far away overseas stations to deal with 17… She paid off to a C. & M. Party on 10 February, 1925.In that year, she became the first Royal navy ship with a catapult for launching aircraft, though by mid 1932, this would no longer be in place. Power, RN). She was the first Royal Navy cruiser fitted with catapult equipment. April                       Passage to UK. April                       Nominated of a 215 ft landing deck aft with another forward measuring 100 ft. Eventually she was repaired and the journey resumed without incident, … January                  On release from support of Previously he had served on HMS Vindictive, a repair ship based at Freetown and volunteered to go to Lagos and prepare the ship for the voyage home. The commanders and men from the “Brilliant” and “Sirius”“ volunteered to crew the “Vindictive”, together with some of the “Vindictive” crew who had been in the 23 April raid on Zeebrugge and other volunteers, on her second, and final, run to the Belgian coast. Germany selected for use as a Repair I am replacing my first post here wich contained typos and needed some facts corrections. HMS Vindictive Cavendish Class Heavy Cruiser. Saved by David Robson. in Home Waters and awaiting transfer to. Her first role after the conversion was completed in early 1940, however, was to transport troops during the Norwegian campaign. allied landings in, Deployed A.J. Nicholson, DSO, DSC, RN), HMS Havelock (Capt. Her new name was introduced In 1779 for a Galley, probably purchased in Won the Battle Honour : Norway 1940. ... At the beginning of the Second World War she was converted into a repair ship. Her first role after the conversion was completed in early 1940, however, was to transport troops during the Norwegian Campaign. HMS Vindictive was laid down by Harland and Wolff at Belfast on 26 June 1916 and was launched on 17 January 1918, being completed as an aircraft carrying cruiser on 21 September 1918. again converted and reverted to use as a cruiser in 1929. with Home Fleet at Scapa Flow. Chasseurs at Bjerkvik. Later this day these ships also bombarded Narvik with the assistance of aircraft from the Ark Royal. UK as sole 1945 paid off World War Two served as a repair ship. The Zeebrugge and Ostend Raids, with their associated crop of VCs, had given the ship late celebrity and her name was perpetuated by renaming the aircraft carrier HMS Cavendish, which was under construction, as Vindictive. David Chessum. Commissioned at Chatham on 20 August, 1928 with Fleet Air Arm Flight No. under an Emergency War Programme and was ordered in July 1917- She was laid down December              Deployed cruiser in 1897 which achieved renown when she took part in the Zeebrugge and Ostend Media in category "HMS Vindictive (ship, 1918)" The following 7 files are in this category, out of 7 total. HMS Vindictive was the Dutch navy's frigate Bellona launched at Rotterdam in 1786 that the Royal Navy captured at the Capitulation of Saldanha Bay in 1796 and broke up in 1816. Please note that we're still working on this section. A 1/1250 scale second-hand model of HMS Vindictive as a repair ship. for support of planned landings at. DIRK BONNE'S 1:72 scale model. In 1929 two newly built vessels, the submarine depot ship HMS Medway and the purpose built, fleet repair ship HMS Resource joined the fleet. Got photos of this ship? for transfer to, for support duties after allied landings in North, March                    Nominated at Oran in support role for escorts. 14th        Passage to Vaagsfjord when some ships detached for Namsos. In early 1939, the British advised the other LNT30 signatories of … further editing and formatting is required,