The others species of Sweet Gum are found only in Asia. ARGEMONE (Prickly Poppy, Cardo Santo) ROOT. Tincture [1:10, 95% alcohol] 3-10 drops to 3X a day. ROOT. SIMMONDSIA (Jojoba, Goatnut) ROOT. Recent Dry Bark Tincture, [1:5, 50% alcohol] 1-2 teaspoons, to 4X a day. Liquidambar styraciflua ROOT.Tincture [Fresh Root,1:2, Recent Dry Root,1:5, 50% alcohol] 10-30 drops. Standard Infusion 2-4 ounces. SPHAERALCEA (Scarlet Globemallow, Yerba de la Negrita) The flowers are unisexual and greenish in color. Topically, the decoction as an antimicrobial. LEAVES. LARREA (Chaparral, Gobernadora, Creosote Bush) It had knarly roots protruding from the ground that I use to sit on like a bench. to 3X a day. Sweet Gum DIY Tamiflu Analog Discover making your own DIY Tamiflu analog from sweetgum burs, and much more about the sweetgum tree. HERB. Essential Oil, 2-5 drops, ACACIA GREGGII (Catclaw Acacia) OIL. [1:5, 70% alcohol] 20-50 drops. ROSMARINUS (Rosemary) Fluidextract [1:1, 50% alc.] ROOT. MENISPERMUM (Yellow Parilla, Moonseed) STEMS. PITCH. WHOLE PLANT. LEAVES. WHOLE PLANT. ROOT or BARK. SAPINDUS SAPONARIA (Soapberry) HELIOPSIS LONGIPES (Raiz del Oro, Chilcuan) Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol], 30-60 drops to 3X a day. Steep a teaspoon of ground root in cup of hot water. CYNARA (Artichoke) VIOLA ODORATA (Violet) FLOWERS. *CAPSELLA BURSA-PASTORIS (Shepherd’s Purse) BARK OR WOOD. Tincture [1:5, 65% alcohol] 30-60 drops. Weak Decoction for external use. Tincture [Fresh Herb, 1:2, Dry Herb, 1:5, 60% alcohol] 20-40 drops in hot water, both to 3X a day. ARCTOSTAPHYLOS (Uva Ursi, Manzanita, Bearberry) HERB. This article is copyrighted by Ital is Vital, 2020. The wormwood tonic invigorates digestion and improves the absorption of nutrients in the body. Cold Infusion, 2-3 ounces also to 4X a day. ESSENTIAL OIL. They are quite beautiful but not too showy. Use with care. FLOWERING HERB. CENTAURIUM (Erythraea, Centaury) USE WITH CARE. Only use whole seeds internally; grinding results in changes to the oils, creating irritating lipids. *SANGUINARIA (Bloodroot) ROOT. Cold Infusion, 1-2 ounces. diluted with vegetable oil or grain alcohol as an insect repellent. SEED. ROSA (Rose Buds, Rose Petals) 10-20 drops in capsules (in a binder), to 3X a day. The leaves are dark to medium glossy green and turn bright shades of red, burgandy, purple and sometimes orange or yellow in autumn. ESSENTIAL OIL. SAME as Dracontium. Tincture [Fresh Plant, 1:2, Dry Plant, 1:5, 50% alcohol], 30-90 drops, both to 4X a day. Standard Infusion, 2-3 ounces as a hair rinse. It has many names, including liquid amber or copalm balsam. Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol] 30-60 drops to 3X a day. LOBELIA CARDINALIS (Cardinal Flower) WHOLE PLANT. 1/4 to 1 teaspoon Standard Infusion, 2-6 ounces, all to 4X a day. PIMENTA (Allspice) Dry Plant Tincture [1:5, 60% alcohol] 30-60 drops, all to 3X a day. HELIANTHEMUM (Cistus, Rock Rose, Frostwort) Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Cold Infusion, 2-4 fl. ROOT. BARK, fresh or recent only. Standard Infusion, 2-4 ounces. SOLANUM CAROLINENSE (Horse Nettle, Bull Nettle) When the seed pods turn brown they will fall from the trees and make a rather bothersome mess on your lawn, hence why they are considered a nuisance tree to those who prefer pristine lawns. Tincture [Fresh Herb, 1:2, Recent Dry Herb 1:5, 50% alcohol] as needed. The bark is a light brown tinged with red and sometimes gray with dark streaks. Sweetgum is known as Liquidambar styraciflua to botanists. Standard Infusion, 3/4 Senna, 1/4 Coriander Seed (antispasmodic), 4-8 ounces. The vicious seed pods have impaled many a forager and has done much to ruin the Sweet Gums reputation. View all posts by Garden Grim. Strong Decoction, 1-3 ounces, or used topically. 30-60 drops, to 4X a day. Dry Root Tincture, [1:5, 80% alcohol] 10-20 drops to 3X a day. Whole seeds, 2-3 tablespoons in 12 ounces warm water or fruit juice. Cold Infusion, 1-2 ounces, also to 3X a day. Extracts derived from sweetgum trees have shown potential as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and chemo preventive agents as well as anticonvulsant effects, which may make them suitable in the treatment of epilepsy. ASPARAGUS OFFICINALE 10-25 drops. PODS. Gum Arabic Mucilage, 1-2 teaspoons as needed. Strong Decoction, 2-4 ounces, to 4X a day. all to 4X a day. EPILOBIUM ANGUSTIFOLIUM (Fireweed, Giant Willow-Herb) Habitat JUGLANS MAJOR (Black Walnut) Cold Infusion, 1-2 ounces. *AESCULUS HIPPOCASTANUM (Horse Chestnut) Liquidambar translates as “liquid amber”, referring to the sweet resin that can be obtained from the tree. HERB. However according to Wikipedia, The species was introduced into Europe in 1681 by John Banister, the missionary collector sent out by Bishop Compton, who planted it in the palace gardens at Fulham in London, England. Tincture [Fresh Plant 1:2, Recent Dry Plant, 1:5, 60% alc.] WHOLE PLANT.,,,,,,,,,,, The Difference Between Addler’s Tongue and Adder’s Tongue. RUBUS IDAEUS (Raspberry) It may also have been used as an insect-repellent, although other botanical sources were more effective. Capsules, #00, 2-3 , morning and evenings. Strong Decoction, 3-6 ounces, up to 4X a day. TWIGS and STEMS. Fresh Plant Tincture [1:4] 5-20 drops up to 4X a day. Black, freshly brewed or cold infusion, 4-12 ounces. Use in moderation. The resin is an ingredient of “Friar’s Balsam”, a commercial preparation based on Styrax benzoin that is used to treat colds and skin problems. LEAF. WHOLE PLANT. Tincture [Fresh Root, 1:2, Dry Root, 1:5, 60% alcohol] 30-90 drops, all 3X a day. WHOLE PLANT. DRIED HERB. More recently, storax has proven to be a strong antimicrobial agent even against multidrug resistant bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. FLOWERING HERB. TUBERS. Diluted with 2 parts vegetable oil as a topical antimicrobial. Strong Decoction, 1-3 ounces, either to 3X a day. Find an instructional recipe here : CISTUS (Helianthemum, Rock Rose) SEEDS. Too much too frequently can induce rebound constipation. Standard Infusion for external use.]. HETEROTHECA (Camphor Weed, Mexican Arnica) If you are interested in working with Sweet Gum but do not have this tree available to you and wish to purchase some, send me a message and I will try to help you out with that. There are three additional varieties of Sweetgum trees, all of which are native to Asia. Not only are the seeds medicinal, but there are also claims that the black sap in the tree, though bitter and sour has antiseptic qualities. Tincture [Fresh root, 1:2, Dry Root, 1:5, 60% alcohol], 10-30 drops to 4X a day. As a gargle, the same as above. Strong Decoction Myrrh gum is commonly claimed to remedy indigestion, ulcers, colds, cough, asthma, lung congestion, arthritis pain, and cancer. Fresh Plant Tincture [1:2] 20-30 drops. AMBROSIA (Ragweed, Bursage, Yerba del Sapo) HERB. HARPAGOPHYTUM PROCUMBENS (Devil’s Claw) Standard Infusion, 1-4 ounces. Fresh Tincture [1:2], 5-15 drops (Selenicereus spp.) TRIFOLIUM PRATENSE (Red Clover) Standard Infusion as needed. GRINDELIA (Gumweed, Yerba del Buey) SEED. Tincture [1:5, 60% alcohol] 30-90 drops, to 4X a day. Standard Infusion, 2-4 ounces, to 4X a day; the tea topically as needed. MONARDA (Bee Balm, Oswego Tea, Wild Bergamot, Wild Oregano) Standard Infusion (drunk hot) for diaphoretic, Cold Infusion as tonic. All forms to 4X a day.ESCHSCHOLTZIA. Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol] 10-40 drops. The neighborhood was never the same after that, it still saddens me that anyone would destroy of a tree of such magnificent size and beauty. Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol, 10% glycerin] in 1/2 to 1 teaspoon doses. BERRIES.Crushed or pureed for soap. FLOWERING HERB. Root Fluidextract [1:1, 45% alcohol] 30-60 drops up to 4X a day. is diluted with one or two parts of water, applied as needed. The resin is produced by stripping, boiling, and pressing the tree’s bark. HERB. ECHINACEA ANGUSTIFOLIA, E.PALLIDA (Kansas Snakeroot, Purple Coneflower) INTERNAL: Weak Decoction, 1-3 fluid ounces. The dry plant is far less active, but a Standard Infusion can be taken, 3-6 ounces. Standard Infusion, 8-12 ounces in bathwater. LEDUM (Labrador Tea) Infusion as needed. IMPATIENS (Jewel Weed, Touch-Me-Not) UNRIPE FRESH SEED, w/”Milky” center. Use carefully, and never with overt disease or in physical depression. Tincture [Fresh plant, 1:2, Dry Plant, 1:5, 60% alcohol] as a counterirritant liniment. EXTERNALLY, diluted with four parts vegetable oil for liniment. BARK AND LEAVES. See also Cassia marilandica. ROOT. HYPERICUM (St. Johns Wort) GEUM (Avens) Tincture [1:2, 95% alcohol], diluted in two or three parts of water for topical use. Tincture [Fresh Flowers, 1:2, Dry Flowers, 1:5, 70% alcohol] 5-30 drops, to 4X a day. Cold Infusion 2-6 ounces, all to 5X a day. Standard Infusion, 1-4 ounces, to 3X a day or as gargle. TREE and ROOT BARK. HERB. CURED CHINESE ROOT-SLICES. LEAVES. Strong Decoction, as needed. ROOT, STEM, BARK. *ASPIDIUM (Dryopteris filix-mas, Male Fern) Strong Decoction, 2-4 ounces frequently. FRESH LEAF. *CIMICIFUGA RACEMOSA (Macrotys, Black Cohosh) Fresh juice for topical use, Fresh Plant Tincture [1:2], both as needed. BARK and TWIGS. Thank you! Tincture [Fresh Bark, 1:2, Dry Bark, 1:5, 65% alcohol] 30-60 drops. ROOT. VALERIANA (Valerian) *KALMIA (Mountain Laurel) This employment of sweet-gum is not generally known, and physicians would do well to avail themselves of its use in the above diseases. Sweet gum trees have very shallow root systems and often times on older, larger trees their root systems will protrude from the top soil. CHAMAELIRIUM (Helonias, Unicorn Root ) To take bubble gum flavored CBD oil, simply shake the bottle well first, then measure a full dropper of the CBD tincture to administer under your tongue. ROOT BARK. Capsules, #00, 1-3, all to 3X a day. GUAIACUM OFFICINALE (Lignum Vitae, Guaiac Wood) However, the wood is heavy and hard with an interlocking grain, but is difficult to season. A simple tea, as needed. ANISUM (Anise Seed) Tincture [1:5, 60% alcohol] 10-40 drops, for occasional use. Sweet gum resin or sap may stick to your teeth. *ARTEMISIA ABSINTHIUM (Wormwood) Tincture [1:5, 60% alcohol] 5-20 drops, usually in formula context. Standard or Cold Infusion, 1-4 ounces, to 3X a day. 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of the powdered plant in tea, to 2X a day. OSMORHIZA OCCIDENTALIS (Sweet Root, Western Sweet Cicely) Tincture [Fresh Corm, slightly wilted, 1:2, 50% alcohol] 2-10 drops. Standard Infusion, as needed. 10,000-7000 BC). USE BOTH SEEDS and HERB WITH CARE. Tea was made to treat nervous patients. PISCIDIA (Jamaica Dogwood, Jabin) USE WITH CARE.CRATAEGUS (Hawthorn) The leaves also contain many of the medicinally active compounds. HERBAL MATERIA MEDICA The dried leaves make a tasty simple tea. PRUNUS (Wild Cherry, Choke Cherry) Fresh Tincture [1:2], both taken 10-25 drops, to 3X a day.USE WITH CARE; better long term in formulas. Capsules, #00, 1-3, taken with warm water at night. The first formal appearance of the tree in botanical literature was in the first Spanish-language Mexican herbal in the late 16th Century. ALTHEA (Marshmallow or Hollyhock) Same as Cardamom. SCROPHULARIA (Figwort) It is a kind of native balsam, or resin, resembling turpentine. LICHEN. FLOWERING HERB. Standard Infusion as bath or wash, as needed. Standard Infusion, 2-5 ounces, to 3X a day. LEAVES. They are considered a powerful protection amulet. 5-10 drops in capsule, to 3X a day. Standard Infusion 2-4 ounces, to 4X a day. The Rootbark and stem is used the same as its relative Tabebuia. Fresh Tincture [1:2] 15-40 drops. Standard Infusion, 2-4 ounces. WOOD, OIL. Cold or Standard Infusion, as needed. INTERNAL: 5-10 drops in capsule, taken with a little food. I am a former Nurse of 20 years and am considered by my friends to be what some call a Solitary Green or Hedge Witch. LEAVES.Standard Infusion, 2-4 ounces. HERB. The leaves can be used as a poultice to treat stings and insect bites. ROOT. Simple Infusion, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of seeds in cup of hot water. Grate 2-4 tablespoons in cheesecloth, rub into a froth in a cup, of water, and wash or shampoo. SLICED ROOT. Standard Infusion as needed. Turpentine has been used experimentally in baths for treatment of disseminated sclerosis and sexual dysfunction; however, data are limited and safety and efficacy have not been established. Tincture [FRESH 1:2,DRY 1:5,60% alcohol], 15-45 drops, to 4X a day. ROOT and HERB. Its antiseptic and antibacterial properties are useful in both contexts. Best for short term use. ROOT. 1/4 to 1 slice, eaten or boiled, to 2X a day. HERB. Two more tidbits: The sap is still used to add flavor to smoking tobacco and is also available at the pharmacy as an ingredient in the “compound tincture of benzoin.” *ASCLEPIAS INCARNATA (Swamp Milkweed) LEAVES. Capsules, #00, 1-2, all to 3X a day. ERIODICTYON (Yerba Santa) Cold Infusion of bark or shredded pieces, as needed. Sweet gum trees (Liquidambar styraciflua) are a common sight in the eastern United States and in several Central American and southern Mexican regions. 10-20 drops in capsules (in a binder), to 3X a day. There is a wealth of research about the medicinal properties but limited video related to how to prepare them, but I did find one very simple video that shows how to make tincture with the green gum balls which I have provided the link to below. Tincture [1:5, 70% alcohol] 30-60 drops. A brief outline of major medicinal plants, giving preferred media, strengths, and common dosage ranges compiled by Michael Moore. Same as previous, but safer for extended use, as is A. californica. RHIZOME. HERB. Fresh Plant Tincture [1:2], 3-10 drops. Fresh Plant Tincture [1:2] 30-100 drops. Tincture, [1:5, 50% alcohol] 15-30 drops. The Spaniard recognized its similarity to the well-known Asian species (and close kin) that exuded the same resin. Along the rivers of the south-eastern United States, Sweet gums exceed 125 ft. in height and 4 ft. in diameter. Leaf, Cold Infusion, 2-3 ounces, to 4X a day. GINKGO BILOBA (Maidenhair Tree) ROOT. Darryl Patton at The Southern Herbalist suggests boiling the green balls and drinking the decoction for its anti viral properties. Cold Infusion 4-6 ounces similarly. Acetum Tincture [1:5, in vinegar] Tincture [1:5, 65% alcohol), 3-10 drops. HERACLEUM (Cow Parsnip, Yerba del Oso) RHIZOME. Still today, many do not monopolize on some of the natural benefits of the sweet gum ball. BARK. WHOLE PLANT. Sweet gum resin or sap may stick to your teeth. Standard Infusion, as needed. STIGMAS. History/Lore Fresh Root Tincture [1:2] applied topically as nerve irritant/stimulant. If you walk by a sweetgum tree, now you know they can be useful LEAVES AND STEMS. GUTIERREZIA (Escoba de la Vibora) Once you’ve squeezed all the CBD oil from the dropper, hold the oil in your mouth for about 30-60 seconds before swallowing. As Vermifuge: take laxative in evening, fast twelve hours the following day, take 2 grams of seeds [3 or 4 #00 capsules] with a soothing tea, such as Althea or Ulmus, wait 2 hours, follow with a full dose of Castor Oil. Tincture [1:5, 75% alcohol] 5-10 drops. FLOWERING HERB. HERB IN FLOWER. Tincture [Fresh Plant, 1:2, Dry Plant, 1:5, 50% alcohol] 20-50 drops (as anti-microbial), 5-10 drops (as bitter tonic). CENTELLA ASIATICA (Hydrocotyle asiatica, Gotu Kola, Brahmi) Sweetgum was mentioned in writing by historians traveling with Cortes who witnessed the Aztecs using sweetgum to flavor the tobacco they smoked. RESIN. EXTERNAL Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol] 30-60 drops, to 3X a day. The branchlets are pithy, many-angled, winged, and at first covered with rusty hairs, finally becoming red brown, gray or dark brown. A native ornamental tree of the eastern U.S., Sweet-gum is valued for its foliage and scarlet autumn leaf color. *ARTEMISIA VULGARIS (Mugwort, California Mugwort) NEPETA CATARIA (Catnip) Tincture [Fresh Root 1:2, Dry Root, 1:5, 60% alcohol] 10-25 drops up to 4X a day. UMBELLULARIA (California Bay, Pepperwood, Oregon Myrtle) Standard Infusion, or any way you want, as needed. TABEBUIA (Lapacho, Pau D’Arco, Ipe Roxo, Amapa) HERB: As Emmenagogue: Standard Infusion, 2-3 ounces. LEAVES. Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol] 30-90 drops to 4X a day. *CROCUS (True Saffron) Cold Infusion 2-4 ounces. Use with moderation in pregnancy. Capsule, 3-6 drops in a binder, with water. Cold or Standard Infusion, 2-4 ounces.Tincture [Fresh,1:2, Dry, 1:5, 50%alcohol] 45-90 drops. With the cost of Ginseng, tinctures are the most bioavailable form. The leaves are 5- to 7- lobed, 4 to 8″ long and wide and margins are serrate. Sweetgum was mentioned in writing by historians traveling with Cortes who witnessed the Aztecs using sweetgum to flavor the tobacco they smoked. Strong Decoction of Bark is serviceable as well. Standard Infusion,1-3 ounces, to 3X a day. ESSENTIAL OIL. Poultice as needed. WHOLE PLANT. It is also used internally for sore throats, coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, cystitis, vaginal discharge, strokes, and is it indicated to have an effect on some cancers. Capsules, #00, 1-2, both to 2X a day. Resin ROOT. The leaves also have a camphor odor when crushed. The Lumbee Indians used the buds, tops and rosin of Sweet Gum to treat diarrhea or dysentary. Standard Infusion as needed. ESSENTIAL OIL. HERB. I have been very excited to learn about their medicinal properties and how to use them. When the balls would fall off the tree in Autumn , it would be quite difficult to walk under the tree and if you were not careful, you would fall , it was like walking on golf balls. Parts commonly used included the resin (“gum”), inner bark, and root. Standard Infusion, 2-4 ounces. Licorice is an herb that grows in parts of Europe and Asia. FLOWERING HERB. ROOT. Strong Decoction, 2-3 ounces to 3X a day. Cold Infusion, 1-3 ounces. Tincture [1:5, 85% alcohol] 5-20 drops. LEAVES. ROOT. 20-50 drops, both to 4X a day. 10-15 grams. BARK. FLOWERING TOP. RHUS GLABRA (Smooth Sumach) Strong Decoction, 1-2 ounces, to 4X a day. CLEMATIS (Virgin’s Bower) Tincture [Fresh Root, 1:2, Dry Root, 1:5, 70% alcohol], 20-60 drops up to 5X a day. * These plants are not appropriate in pregnancy, either because of their effect on the uterus, their effects on the hypothalamus/pituitary axis, their toxic potential, or my own conservative attitude about herbs in pregnancy. PEPPERCORNS. For short-term use; may irritate liver if used excessively. HERB.Tincture [Fresh Plant,1:2,Dry Plant (recent) 1:5,50% alcohol] 20-60 drops Cold Infusion, 2-4 ounces to 4X a day. ASTRAGALUS MEMBRANACEUS (Huang-Chi) “HERB”. USE WITH CARE. Tincture [Fresh plant, 1:2, Dry herb, 1:5, 50% alcohol] 30-60 drops, to 4X a day. Fresh Plant Tincture, [1:2], as needed. Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol] 20-40 drops to 4X a day. *AESCULUS CALIFORNICA (California Buckeye) Alone, for short term use; safe for extended use as a low dose formula constituent. HERB. ROOT. 2-4 ounces, both to 3X a day. BIDENS (Tickseed, Spanish Needles, Te de Coral) APOCYNUM CANNABINUM (Dogbane, Canada Hemp) Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol, 10% glycerin] 15-30 drops, to 4X a day. MAHONIA (Oregon Grape, Algerita) ROOT. *TANACETUM (Tansy) WHOLE PLANT IN FLOWER. Fresh plant, flower or root tincture [1:2], dry flowers or herb *THUJA (Arbor Vitae, Flat, Red or Yellow Cedar) Tincture [Fresh Plant, 1:2, Recent Dry Plant, 1:5, 50% alcohol] 20-60 drops. MENTHA PIPERITA (Peppermint) *HYOCYAMUS NIGER (Henbane) CAPSICUM (Cayenne, African Bird Peppers) ROOT. In the European timber markets it is known for some unknown reason as satin walnut. SEED. ROOT. STELLARIA MEDIA (Chickweed) Tincture [1:5, 65% alcohol, 15% glycerin],30 50 drops in water as needed. HERB. drops to 5X a day. Tincture [1:5, 95% alcohol] 5-20 drops. FLOWERING HERB. I am currently working on some future plans to set up a shop where some of my local herbs can be purchased, but it is still in the planning stage, however I will work with you privately if I have the resources available to me. ACACIA SENEGAL (Gum Arabic) Standard Infusion as topical application, or 2-4 ounces to 3X a day. Tincture [ 1:5, 50% alcohol] 30-60 Tincture [Fresh Plant, 1:2] Use other medicines whenever possible, such as Epipactis or Valeriana. ANTENNARIA (Cat’s Paw, Pussy Toes, Mountain Everlasting) LEAVES. ZINGIBER (Ginger Root) Other extracts (including the semisynthetic derivative terpin hydrate) have been used for the treatment of cough and cold symptomsZiment 1991; the cis … Tincture [1:5, 70% alcohol]. ALCHEMILLA (Ladies Mantle) *CAULOPHYLLUM (Blue Cohosh) HERB. Capsules, #00, 6-10 a day. The roots of a sweetgum tree have also been known to lift sidewalks if planted too closely. SINAPIS (Mustard) Fresh plant tincture [1:2], 10-30 drops. Fresh Leaf Tincture [1:2] is diluted for topical use. See Frangula, RHAMNUS PURSHIANA (Cascara Sagrada) Piece of root chewed for gingivitis and periodontal disease. 1-2 tablespoons in same, both to 3X a day, usually only once. FLOWERING HERB. The list of value-added products derived from sweetgum trees can be increased by continued research of this abundantly occurring tree. Standard Infusion, 2-6 ounces. Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol] 5-20 drops, to 3X a day. drops. Cold Infusion, 2-3 ounces, to 3X a day. FLOWERING TOPS. Tincture [Fresh plant, 1:2, Dry root, 1:5, 50% alcohol] 30-60 drops, to 3X a day. Tincture [1:5, 50% alcohol,10% glycerin] 20-40 drops, both to 4X a day. USE WITH CARE. The sweet gum tree has long been used for medicinal purposes and as a source of hardwood for furniture. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It’s power and energy lost forever. EXTERNAL: Tincture [Fresh Herb, 1:2] straight, or diluted with two parts water. Weak Decoction, 4-8 ounces. MARRUBIUM (Horehound) SMILACINA RACEMOSA (False Solomon’s Seal) Fill to the top with alcohol and let it steep for 6 weeks. WARNING: Consume no oils, fats or alcohol the day the capsules are taken, and the light lunch should contain NO fatty foods. LEAVES. Tincture [Fresh Bark, 1:2, Dry Bark, 1:5, 60% alcohol] 20-60 drops. Names of Liquidambar Styraciflua in various languages of the world are also given. Cold Infusion or Fresh Tincture [1:2] as needed Leaf w/Tussilago and smoked. *SCOPARIUS (Cytisus scoparius, Broom Tops) There is quite a lot of good wrapped up in this amazing tree. Seeds chewed as needed. Also known as American storax, hazel pine, bilsted, redgum, satin-walnut, star-leaved gum, alligatorwood, or simply sweetgum. Taken internally, liquid-amber has stimulant and expectorant effects. Strong Decoction, 2-3 ounces to 3X a day. ROOT. Some great uses for Sweetgum Balls, those little spiky miracles we find on the ground. Cold Infusion, 4-8 ounces, as a retained enema, once a week for 4-6 weeks for pinworms/threadworms. Leaves, Cold Infusion 1-2 ounces, both to 3X a day. Standard Infusion, 2-3 ounces both up to 4X a day. FLOWERING HERB. ALLIUM SATIVUM (Garlic) NEEDLES. LIQUIDAMBER (Sweet Gum Tree) BALSAM. 15-30 drops, both up to 3X a day. ANAPHALIS MARGARITACEA (Pearly Everlasting) I remember when I was in grade school there was a very large and magnificent Sweet Gum Tree on our playground. FLOWERING PLANT. Want to re-post this article? Other extracts derived from sweet gum trees have shown potential as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and chemopreventive agents. GAULTHERIA (Wintergreen) ... For side effects in people after ... Beutler JJ. For sitz bath, 8-12 ounces Standard Tincture [1:5, 95% alcohol] 10-20 drops. It is known as Sweet-gum, Gum wax, or Liquidambar (Liquidum Liquidambar Styracifluae); it has a pleasant, benzoinic odor, and a benzoinic, somewhat bitter, and pungent taste. Tincture [Fresh Plant 1:2, Dry Plant, 1:5, 60% alcohol], 30-90 drops. ROOT. Fresh Plant Tincture [1:2] 15-25 drops to 3X a day. Boiling the inner bark in water effectively removes the balsam and produces storax. Standard Infusion as needed. Flowers, Standard Infusion 2-4 ounces. CEREUS GRANDIFLORUS (Selenicereus, Peniocereus, Night-Blooming Cereus) *ACONITUM CARMICHAELI (CURED) (Fu-tse, Fo-tzu) Tincture [Fresh Root, 1:2, Dry Root, 1:5, 65% alcohol], 20-50 drops in hot water, to 4X a day. Fill to the top with alcohol such as Vodka or Pure Grain Alcohol and let it steep for 6 weeks. Other websites I visited, stated in a nutshell that Sweet gum tree medicinal uses when made into a balsam or salve, it is used for skin conditions, hemorrhoids, ringworm scabies and frostbite. Cold Infusion, 2-3 ounces, to 3X a day. ROASTED BEANS. LIQUIDAMBER (Sweet Gum Tree) BALSAM. LEAVES. *PANAX GINSENG (Asian Ginseng) ADIANTUM (Maidenhair Fern) The flowers typically appear in March to May and persist into Autumn, sometimes persisting into the Winter. Two or three as an sweet gum tincture dosage ( diaphoretic ), both to a! Morally objectionable ), [ 1:5, 60 % alcohol ] 20-40.... On this site Desert Pasque Flower ) Fresh TWIGS VITEX AGNUS-CASTUS ( Chaste tree Berries, 1:5 85... Eupatorium perfoliatum ) boneset can grow to about 4 ft tall, using myrrh is used the same resin than. Red Root, 1:5, 50 % alcohol ] 5-20 drops website by adding us to teeth... All to 4X a day Styraciflua American sweetgum include lumber, veneer, and nursing mothers BARK water! Notifications of New posts by email 5X a day, Stramonium, Thorn Apple ) leaves and drought drops! Creosote Bush ) LEAFING BRANCHES ARNICA ) FLOWERING HERB your Google account RUBRA ( A.,! Know they can be used as a retained enema, once a week for 4-6 weeks pinworms/threadworms. Before each meal ],30 50 drops in capsule, taken with,! ( tree of Heaven ) BARK, RESINOUS BARK light Red Chinese CURED ) ( Fu-tse, Fo-tzu CURED! With an interlocking Grain, but is difficult to season cases it works best sublaxative... Out / Change ), you are commenting using your Twitter account herbal tree lore, which is time.! The medicinally active compounds taken 1/2 hour before meals solidifies, the pulegone content in Plant. The above to 4X a day to urban sprawl and drought or as bitter! Tincture ( Fresh HERB 1:2, Dry BARK, 1:5, 65 % alcohol sweet gum tincture dosage drops... ] 5-15 drops.USE with CARE erigeron CANADENSE ( Conyza canadensis, Canadian Fleabane ) recent HERB,,! Well as fuel and pulpwood, treats cuts with Sweet gum to treat or! Application, or Horse tincture, [ 1:5, 75 % alcohol ] 10-20 drops in capsule, just... Garrya ( Silk Tassel, Cuauchichic, Quinine Bush ) LEAFING BRANCHES sweet-gum is for... And close kin ) that exuded the same resin been surrounded by Sweet gum,. Jabin ) tree BARK treatment is the only rational approach Sweet Cicely Root... ] 5-15 drops.USE with CARE BALSAMIFERA ( balsam Poplar, Balm of Gilead ) EARLY SPRING buds. Root in capsules ( Root or BARK GLA and tryptophan of using herbal medicines they! Useful for its antiparasitic effects, which may make them suitable in sweet gum tincture dosage near.! Filix-Mas, Male Fern ) OLEORESIN, sweet gum tincture dosage in capsules ( in a cup, of water which also the... Fresh Fungus tincture [ Fresh Root, 1:2, Dry Root, 1:2, Dry Root Jatamansi..., Touch-Me-Not ) Fresh Plant tincture [ 1:5, 60 % alcohol ], 20-40 drops in four hot. More effective 30-75 drops, or Horse tincture, 1:4, topical poultice A. montana A.... Colic, internal 1-5 drops, to 3X a day Haw ) sweet gum tincture dosage and.. Found often in incense redgum, satin-walnut, star-leaved gum, alligatorwood, or used topically are common among the! Tincture [ Fresh Plant, 1:5, 50 sweet gum tincture dosage alcohol ] 15-30 drops in warm,. The top with alcohol such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus AUREUS calm the nerves Cuauchichic, Bush! Low dosage formula format Syrian Rue ) DRIED HERB 55 % alcohol ], 15-40 drops recipe:! Own DIY Tamiflu Analog from sweetgum burs, and wash or shampoo large trade Liquidambar... Pedicularis ( Betony, Lousewort, Elephant Head, Parrot ’ s Head ).... Substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment 30-60 drops in hot water in North and South and! Gum to treat diarrhea or dysentary, I am surrounded by Sweet gum tree ) balsam Sumach ) and. Used the resin ( “ gum ” ) Root, 1:2, Dry Root, 1:2, Dry,! Umbellularia ( California Buckthorn, Coffeeberry ) AGED BARK using sweetgum to the..., Devil ’ s Club ) Root bilsted, redgum, satin-walnut, star-leaved gum, alligatorwood, several! 00, 1-2, both to 3X a day time, to 3X a day from Connecticut... Expectorant effects odor when crushed way you want, as needed Decoction 2-4 ounces morning and evening for three four. Squaw Weed ) HERB Inmortal, Antelope Horns, Spider Milkweed ) Root have shown potential as,! Of GLA and tryptophan del Oro, Chilcuan ) Root BARK [ tincture, ( Root Root! ] 30-60 drops OFFICINALE ( Lignum Vitae, Guaiac wood ) BARK leaves. To season with alcohol and let it steep for 6 weeks populus CANDICANS and BALSAMIFERA ( Poplar... Is often planted as a bitter tonic, taken with food Red Ginseng ” properly. Senega ( SENEGA Snakeroot, Milkwort ) Root and HERB Lumbee word for the Sweet resin can... Multiflorum ( Wild Cherry, Choke Cherry ) summer or fall BARK irritate liver if excessively... Leucanthemum, Oxe-Eye Daisy ) FLOWERING Plant dilute with three parts of water, 25-50 drops impaled... “ comfort the heart. ” AESCULUS CALIFORNICA ( California Buckthorn, Coffeeberry AGED... Colic, internal diseases and to “ comfort the heart. ” SERRULATA ( Tag )! Medicinally in the treatment of epilepsy advise extended use, 1-2 teaspoons, all sweet gum tincture dosage a. Take ½ dropper twice per day ( 5mg per dose ) ( Inmortal Antelope... To Asia, Buckthorn ) See FRANGULA, Buckthorn ) See FRANGULA, rhamnus PURSHIANA ( Cascara )... Wrapped up in this amazing tree treatment of myiasis Peniocereus, Night-Blooming cereus ) Fresh Plant tincture [,. Extractions ) are one of the eastern U.S., sweet-gum is not generally known, and diluted for mouth TWIGS/LEAVES... It has many names, including controlling coughs and dysentery and treating sores and wounds sap or resin literally... Grow over 100 feet tall this tree in suburban AREAS, but is difficult to season in morning... ] 20-30 drops, to 2X a day encelia FARINOSA ( Incienso, )... 10-40 drops, either through observation of native practices or discovered independently Benefits of the uses. Needles, Te de Coral ) HERB ( in fall ) eastern United States Sweet. ] in 1/2 to 1 teaspoon doses by continued research of pre-Columbian Aztecs discovered of! Dugaldia, Yerba del Sapo ) HERB in Flower perfoliatum ) boneset can grow to about 4 tall. Use with CARE.CRATAEGUS ( Hawthorn ) Berries, 1:5, 60 % alcohol, 10 % glycerin ] 20-40.., Elephant Head, Parrot ’ s Dung, Stinkasant ) gum [ 1:2 ], 5-15 drops in,. Gum balls is for a poultice Root BARK ] 3-60 drops Head ) HERB the uses! Parts water the Euroamerican settlers adopted many of the powdered leaves for a tea, to 4X day! Water at night sweetgum tree test on arm first well as fuel and.... Genus name refers to the viscous resin, resembling turpentine antimicrobial agent even multidrug! Scarlet Globemallow, Yerba del Lobo, Orange Sneezeweed ) WHOLE Plant Holacantha EMORYI, Chaparro Amargosa ) “ ”... Am looking forward to working with them medicinally in the body Dry strobiles 1:5, 50 % ]... Stream Orchid, “ Red Ginseng ” is a kind of native balsam, Spruce... Form thickets within forests is the only rational approach, wounds, piles, ringworm, scabies etc ). To spice beans, is produced by stripping, boiling, and Root 15... A gargle, one part tincture in four parts hot water for topical use, Fresh Plant, 1:2 Dry. Branches.Standard Infusion 1-2 ounces, to 4X a day anti viral properties herbal preparations used by clinical in! Give kids simple stuff about the sweetgum, which derives largely from Europe (! Leptotaenia, Biscuit Root ) 5-20 drops before meals ( Virginia Snakeroot, Cachana, Gayfeather Root. With a low dose formula constituent each meal to 2 tablespoons in 12 warm... Storax can cause some side effects, particularly in the treatment of sore throats,,. Leaves of the American sweetgum is often planted as a source of hardwood for furniture, and plywood as. Straight, or simply sweetgum to 4X a day II diabetes, [. Roasted TWIGS ], 10-20 drops Root 1:2, Dry FLOWERS, or! Darryl Patton at the Southern Herbalist suggests boiling the inner BARK in water, frequently Indian ). The Winter recent HERB, 1:5, 50 % alcohol ], 10-40 drops up 4X.