Shah Shuja came to power by killing his father, considered bad form. Offering Roman coins, Greek coins, ancient coins, British coins, medieval coins, coin auctions, renaissance coins, Indian coins, rare coins, Celtic coins, European coins, Jewish coins. He participated in various campaigns of the emperor and gathered experience US$ 30.00 Laurel Certified Coins Shah Jahan’s third son, Shah Shuja [28], was governor of Bengal when his father died. Shuja Shah was the governor of Herat and Peshawar from 1798 to 1801. Although rare coin auctions are held every other month, and perennially online, the upcoming sale gains signifi cance owing to the diverse offerings. View Lot ... (`10 lakh), the Victoria Queen gold mohur (`4.5 lakh), Shah Shuja silver rupee (`7 lakh) and Prince Akbar II silver rupee (`5 lakh). Afghanistan, Durrani Kingdom, Shah Shuja'a al-Mulk, Silver Nazarana Rupee, Bahawalpur Mint, RY Ahd, Oblique milling, (KM 253). Career King of Afghanistan. Mu'azzam Shah Alam Bahadur (1707-1712)- son of … Weight: 2.13g Diameter: 18mm Die Axes: 12 o' Clock Domestic Shipping: USPS First-Class Package $3.50 for the first item and $0.75 for every additional item. ... Shah Shuja (1657-1658)- younger son of Shah Jahan 7. Shah Shuja. Jahangir Coins; Dawar Bakhsh; Shah Jahan; Murad Baksh; Shah Shuja. The Ruler Shuja Shah Abdali Durrani was the son of Timur Shah Durrani. About Extremely Fine, Rare. MUGHAL: Shah Shuja, 1657-1660, AR rupee (11.05g), Ujjain, ND/DM, KM-276.x, well worn, as though someone carried it for many many years as a pocket piece, Very Good, RRR. Flan crack. Shipping: To Countries where DELCON is available, International Shipping is $13.50 + $0.75 for every Additional Item. IK Durrani, Shuja al Mulk 2nd reign (AH 1218-1224, 1803-1808 AD), Silver Rupee, 11.22 gms, 22.72 mm, Khitta Kashmir Mint. Islamic Muzaffarid Shah Shuja' 1358-1384 Silver Dinar Yard A-2283.2. He expanded the realm and promoted the arts, becoming the patron of poet Hafiz Shirazi. Shah Shuja proclaimed himself emperor, and issued very rare silver rupees [29]. Shah Shuja Reigned: 760-789 AH (1358-1386 AD) Denomination: AR 2 Dinars, Type G Mint: Shiraz Date of Issue: Obverse: Reverse: plain circle with mint inter-linear square Reference: Album 2282.7 Weight: 2.8 gms Diameter: 22.9 mm MUZAFFARIDS 46RC0Z) DURRANI OF AFGHANISTAN, Shah Shuja'a Al-Mulk, 1218-1223 AH / 1803-1808 AD, AR Rupee ( 11.07 grms, 24 mm) Kashmir mint, dated year ONE / KM # 598, VF Cond. Governor Issue of Shuja ( A Shah Jahan rupee of Akbarnagar mint with Shuja’s initials) By MANORANJAN MAHAPATRA Gullak (1 June 2014) Shah Shuja, the second son of emperor Shahjehan and his wife Mumtaj Mahal was born on 23rd June 1616.