Lomandra confertifolia ‘Seascape’ – 14cm pot Lomandra Seascape is a hardy, evergreen, native grass with long, dark blue-grey, fine foliage forming a weeping clump. Lomandra confertifolia ‘Little Con’ Mat Rush. Glen continues, "This is a dwarf Lomandra (Mat-rush, Lomandra confertifolia 'Seascape') - it has a beautiful soft cascading green habit and always stays nice and silver. If you wish to grow L. confertifolia forms in clay soils apply eco- flo gypsum before planting and plant into 5-10cm high mounds to assist with drainage. Lomandra confertifolia 'Seascape' PP20,010. Seascape Mat Rush An evergreen grass-like perennial. A Ball Ornamentals Exclusive Mounding, long-bladed Lomandra has a unique habit amongst all the rest Airy, pendulous look for mass plantings and retaining walls that could use a little drama The increasingly popular solution is not just grass … You can expect the smell of small, fragrant yellow blooms throughout the warmer months, bringing a faint but sweet aroma. Some are planted for foliage and habit, and others display special flowering attributes. Liriope muscari 'Elmarco' pbr . Lomandra confertifolia Echidna Grass Echidna grass is a tough low maintenance plant that grows to a rounded clump of approximately 30cm x 30cm. Description This handsome selection of Lomandra confertifolia has blue-green narrow foliage and a graceful weeping habit. Lomandra confertifolia ssp. Grows approximately H: 30cm W: 30cm Wholesale; Nursery Name … Lomandra confertifolia 'Seascape' Lomandra confertifolia 'Seascape' Scientific Name: Lomandra Labill. Doesn't brown off ever. A tough, easy-care choice for containers, mass plantings and dry borders. Lomandra confertifolia ssp. Their ability to tolerate dry conditions and their heat and cold hardiness make them a reliable performer. Ophiopogon japonicus . Orders can be made from the nursery … This is especially true for the grey foliaged forms. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. Hardy and drought resistant, thrives in the salty air of the Melbourne and always looks green and gorgeous. Fine, weeping, gray-blue foliage forms a compact, mounding clump. Lomandra confertifolia may be difficult to find but they are available from Kuranga Native Nursery, 393 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood, VIC, 3134. Grows to a height of 70cm. It also produces small scented yellow flowers. A tough Ozzie native grass which forms neat, rounded mounds of lime green, evergreen foliage. Lomandra confertifolia ssp Rubiginosa 'Frosty Top' - fine grey green foliage and yellow flowers on purple stems in spring and summer. Hardy and versatile to most soil types, it performs best in full sun or part shade. If the foliage gets damaged in harsh weather, the plant can simply be cut back hard and it will resprout with fresh new growth. Liriope muscari 'Monroe White' View Plant. Lomandra 'Seascape' is stunning with its blue-grey foliage and graceful weeping habit. Seascape is extremely frost hardy and drought tolerant. (Asparagaceae) confertifolia Fahn. It is suitable for a full sun to part shade position, and requires little water once established. 'Seascape' Nursery Availability 1 - 1 of 1. Small, yellow flower spikes emit a sweet fragrance in summer. Lomandra Seascape offers narrow blue-grey foliage with a graceful weeping habit. Lomandra Seascape has low maintenance and water requirements. A non invasive, easy to maintain plant makes it great addition to any garden or landscape. Fragrant yellow flower spikes during warmer months. It’s easy to … The name Lomandra is from the Greek Loma meaning an … Lomandra confertifolia subsp. rubiginosa at Bunnings Warehouse. Lomandra confertifolia is a smaller slow growing weaker Lomandra compared to the more robust longifolia, fluviatilis, or hystrix types. Lomandra confertifolia types have been used on many sites, but as they are slow to establish, they often die due to lack of water in … Lomandra confertifolia requires well-drained soil and to be drier than other species. Excellent drought tolerance with good resistance to root rot. Lomandra Frosty Top Lomandra confertifolia ssp. rubiginosa, sold as 'Seascape' (ht 50 cm), has very fine blue-grey leaves; it looks very effective in seaside gardens and when grown with Mediterranean plants such as lavenders, tall bearded irises and rosemary. It also bears small yellow flowers that embellish the air on warm, summer evenings with a sweet aromatic scent. Lomandra confertifolia 'Trojan' pbr × Plant What Where? Lomandra confertifolia 'Seascape' has an airy, pendulous look that's great for mass plantings and retaining walls for that dramatic effect. This is especially true for the grey foliaged forms. Grows 70cm high 30cm wide. 10. Lomandra Seascape has tussocks of blue grey foliage with a weeping habit. Produces small, yellow, fragrant flowers in spring. Excellent around ponds or water edges and borders. Grows well in … Ideal for mass planting, lush borders and modern native gardens. 25cm tall to 60cm wide. Send by email Printer-friendly version. Excellent drought tolerance with good resist rubiginosa Olive Green ['Losgr-1'] - Highlight Series. Seaside Garden Coastal Gardens Beach Gardens Outdoor Gardens Australian Garden Design Australian Native Garden Australian Plants Landscaping Plants Garden Plants. Hardy and easy to grow, it makes an ideal ground cover as well as a tough edging or border for low maintenance areas. New foliage has a blue green colour which becomes green as it ages. The Lomandra plant is considered a common plant in Australia and a key feature of any Melbourne Seascape. A cracker of a variety! Lomandra hystrix Lucky Stripe [LMV200'] PP26,418 Crackerjack™ exhibits a … Lomandra fluviatilis Shara ['AU807'] PP23,950. The Rush Is On ….. Lomandras are a collection of multi-purpose mat rushes. A 15cm (6″) pot costs $7.95. All lomandras can be cut to ground level although this would only be done once every 5 years or so, if at all. Little Con is hardy and tolerant to most soil types and grows best in a position of full sun to partial shade. In its natural environment this is an understory plant which explains its requirements. Drought tolerant once established. Lomandra confertifolia rubiginosa Crackerjack The DESIGN EDGE® series of grasses are well suited to landscape projects. View Plant. rubiginosa Pacific Sky ['LM700'] PPAF. Lomandra longifolia 'Tanika' pbr . Lomandra Seascape is a stunning selection of Lomandra with dark blue-grey foliage and a graceful weeping habit. Phone: (03) 9879 4076 or fax: (03) 9870 7301. Bright lemon-yellow flowers appear in Summer. Wonderful weeping foliage to around 70 cm depending on variety. Lomandra confertifolia Seascape Lomandra is an extremely hardy native Australian plant that has a clumping habit and fine, weeping blue-grey leaves. Find 180mm Lomandra Seascape - Lomandra confertifolia spp. Lomandra confertifolia ‘Little Con’ A hardy and very easy care clumping grass-like perennial with bright green narrow foliage . View Plant. Lomandra confertifolia ssp Rubiginosa - Echidna Grass is a perennial tussock growing to be.5m tall and up to 1.0m wide. Versatile evergreen selected for compact habit and fine textured grey-green foliage. During summer Seascape features highly fragrant small yellow blooms that fill the air with a … Lomandra 'Seascape' The unique, airy, weeping habit of this blue-green Lomandra makes it a great choice for borders, mass plant Saved by Star® Roses and Plants Lomandra confertifolia 'Little Con' Lomandra Little Con is a rare and unusual native Australian grass that forms cute small rounded tufts. These Lomandra can be cut back occasionally to initiate fresh growth. 1 Search Results. Great as a border or pot plant, and looks good planted as a large swathe. A tough, easy-care choice for containers, mass plantings and dry borders. Liriope muscari 'Royal Purple' View Plant. pallida 'Pom Pom' PPAF (AKA Shorty) Lomandra confertifolia spp. Lomandra confertifolia 'Seascape' Saved by Arleen Ferrara of Satori Designs. Very attractive foliage Lomandra confertifolia is another wonderful native clump forming grass commonly called ‘Mat Rush’, however it does differ from other Lomandra species in growing habit. rubiginosa ‘LCS1’. Produces small, yellow, fragrant flowers in spring. Versatile evergreen selected for compact habit and fine textured grey-green foliage.

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