Government of India has already given thrust for various infrastructureactivities including Urban Rejuvenation Mission Amrut and Smart Cities Mission andUpgradation of more than 1 lakh kms of road length in the next five years. The clinker that would be manufactured from the Line III of Jayanthipuram would meet the requirements of the proposed grinding units. The Company had also donated Electrical Accessories Steel Cots BedPillows Awareness Posters Flex Boards etc. 24 July 2003 In terms of Section 135 and Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013, the Board of Directors have constituted a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee and adopted a CSR Policy which is based on the philosophy that “As the Organisation grows, the Society and Community around it also grows”. Relevant disclosures in accordance with ‘Ind AS 102 Share-basedPayments' issued by ICAI and Diluted EPS on issue of shares pursuant to the schemescovered under the regulations are disclosed in accordance with Ind AS 33 - Earnings PerShare issued by ICAI. How do traders use various moving averages to spot index/stock trends? Shri.PR.Venketrama Raja, Chairman and Managing Director, retires at the ensuing Annual General Meeting and being eligible, has offered himself for reappointment. The key risks and their mitigation measures aredetailed below: The Company uses non-calcined petroleum coke a downstream by-productof the oil refinery as fuel for cement kiln. The Ariyalur unit had participated in the Chapter Convention on QualityConcepts organised by Quality Circle Forum of India Coimbatore Chapter at KumarakomKerala on 13th October 2019. 71.07Crores (PY: Rs. While movement of personnel were restricted during the lockdown periodthe Company seriously considered opportunities in the emerging situation. 700 was transferred to IEPF on 11-03-2019. The Company is well positioned in the rural marketsand expects to reap the benefit of demand growth there. The proposed capacity additions expected to be commissioned in the coming years would help the Company to make use of the growth in the demand for cement. There has been pressure on the prices during the first three quarters of the year and from the fourth quarter onwards, the prices have come back to earlier levels. 0.54 lakhs aggregating to 3 numbers. The Company had generated 371.26 lakh units of power as compared to 435.66 lakh units of power during the previous year. Finance costsaccounted for 1.32% of revenues in FY 2019-20 as against 0.98% in FY 2018-19. Cost ofmaterials consumed accounted for 17.04% of revenue in FY 2019-20 as against 16.01%in FY 2018-19. Justice Chitra Venkataraman (Retd.) Click the link below to submit your resume for any future careers considerations. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 there had been a complete lockdown.The construction activity has come to a halt. We are co-ordinating closely with the respective state government authorities for exploring and expediting the auctioning the limestone blocks. Program to develop educational skills in young people in villagessurrounding Auroville Puducherry. There have been no other material changes affecting the financialposition of the Company between the end of the financial year and till the date of thisreport. The Dividend Distribution Policy forms part of this Report. With largecapacity expansion in the previous years the capacity utilisation of the industrydeclined from 70% in FY 2018-19 to around 65-67% in FY 2019-20.3. The Company has policies to ensure that the decisions are driven tokeep the cost comparable while borrowing in foreign currency and hedging thereof bothinterest and exchange rate risk and the quantum of coverage. * Donation of hearing aid machines for Deaf Students. 112.48 crores of the previous year. 54.36 Crores.Raw materials and Stores have increased by. Deposits remaining unclaimed as at the end of the year amounted to Rs. During the year six Board Meetings were held. • Contribution to Aram Valartha Nayaki Sevai Mayyam foreducational support for the children in the slums of Chennai. ... Hasit Patel has been with the Ramco Group since 1998 and is currently the Chief Operations Officer of Ramco Group and Managing Director of Platinum Packaging Ltd. Hence, in addition to the routine OPC and PPC, the Company is focussing on premium products for higher profitability and revenue. 14.54 Crores) the total outgo is Rs. Quality Circle Forum of India had bestowed Quality Leadership Award in Private Sector for the year 2018 to our Chairman & Managing Director, Shri.PR.Venketrama Raja, on the occasion of 32nd National Convention on Quality Circles held at Gwalior. During the year the Company had sold 112.03 lakh tons of cementcompared to 111.24 lakh tons of the previous year. The Company had instituted the Employee Stock Option Schemes for the benefit of employees. 46.79 Croresafter netting of MAT credit recognition of Rs. 1618.70Crores to Rs. The relaxation by the Government of India in rationalising the axle load norms for the heavy vehicles, has provided some relief in managing the distribution cost. Special focus is given to practices adopted in Green beltdevelopment rain water harvesting water conservation measures waste water managementenergy conservation measures solid waste management environmental awareness programmesand use of renewable source of energy. The unit is receiving such an award for the 9th consecutive time. The cost of the project is Rs. More than 250 students from 73 schools from Ariyalur Districtparticipated in the painting competition on varying topics like Save Water GlobalWarming Garbage Free Ariyalur Plogging Roof Garden in my house etc. Justice Chitra Venkataraman (Retd.) The Company provides Transport services, Manpower services and Information Technology related services, mainly involving Software Implementation services. In accordance with Section 177(9) and (10) of the Companies Act 2013and Regulation 22 of LODR the Company has established a Vigil Mechanism and has a WhistleBlower Policy. Rajapalayam Mills LimitedRamco Industries Limited Ramco Systems Limited Lynks Logistics Limited and Madurai TransCarrier Limited. 36.74 Crores and tax adjustments of earlieryears including reversal of MAT credit set-off amounting to Rs. The Corporate Ombudsman shall have the sole accessto these. 21.52 Crores towards fair value of the employees stock options which is anon-cash item and Rs.1.29 Crores (Nil in FY 2018-19) towards Voluntary Retirementcompensation. 1064.97 Crores in FY 2018-19 to. As per Rule 3 of Companies (Cost Records and Audit) Rules 2014 theCompany is required to maintain cost records and accordingly such records and accounts aremade and maintained. The Board's observations on the evaluations for the year underreview were similar to their observations for the previous year. 9.25 Crores. Tax expenses decreased by Rs. 82.97 Crores was capitalised as part of qualifying assets. • C onstruction of Class Room at Zilla Parishad School, • Financial assistance - Reach for The Stars Scholarship. The grinding units at Kolaghat and Vizag had enabled the Company to serve Eastern markets efficiently which has contributed to the increase in the market share in that region. Log In; Find a Branch; Customer Care :011-43666566; My Globe Account; Quick Link The unit is receiving such an award for the10th consecutive time. Alathiyur unit had been awarded “Green Tech Gold Award and Certificate of Merit for Safety Management” in cement sector organised by Greentech Foundation, New Delhi. 315.26 Crores primarily due to depreciation arising out of commissioning of newgrinding lines at Kolaghat and Vizag. - Employee Stock Option Scheme 2018 - Plan A (ESOS 2018 -PLAN A), - Employee Stock Option Scheme 2018 - Plan B (ESOS 2018 -PLAN B). Transportation and handling expenses accounted for 21.05% of revenues inFY 2019-20 as against 22.96% in FY 2018-19. However positive measures like rollout of stimuluspackage and structural reforms by the Government and proactive liquidity management andeasing of monetary policy by RBI will provide some support. The awards were conferred by GreentechFoundation on 11th July 2019 at New Delhi during the 19th AnnualGreentech Sustainability Conference on "Sustainability Environment ProtectionWaste Management Water Treatment and CSR issues being faced by industries and corporatesand the ways to overcome the challenges.". The Nomination and Remuneration Committee and this Policy are incompliance with the Companies Act 2013 and LODR. No fraud has been reported by the Company’s Auditors. Ramco Cements, Chillakallu Mandal, Krishna, Andhra Pradesh - Retailer of Ramco Super Fine, Ramco Cement 43 Grade, Ramco Concrete, Ramco Tile Fix and Adhesives, Glue and Sealants 15 Crores in equity shares ofassociate company – Lynks Logistics Limited. It has fuel supply arrangements with manufacturers understructured plan and also procures from spot or open markets during favourable pricingconditions to stay dynamic in fluctuating market. The Policy is available on the website of theCompany under the weblink: The Company also has the option to switch overto green power generated from its windmills in case of any exigencies which are presentlyconnected to grid. The Ramco Cements Limited (Formerly Madras Cements Ltd) is a cement manufacturing company in India and … 2.22 crores]}, Total Comprehensive Income for the year (TCI). As all the three units had received the “Excellent Energy Efficient Unit” award for three consecutive years, they had also been given “National Energy Leader” award. The Alathiyurunit had also been awarded "National Energy Leader" award and "ExcellentEnergy Efficient Unit" award for energy conservation energy efficiency andimplementation of energy saving projects. As the grinding units are established closer to the major cementconsumption areas this would not only ensure supply chain efficiency but also betterservice to markets. He has been on the Board of Directors of the Company since January 31, 2008. The Ariyalur Unit is the only unit in whole of South India to have been awarded Gold Medal with the Green Manufacturing Barometer Score of 691.7 on a scale of 200 to 800. There has been no change in the Capital Structure ofthe Company during the year under review. No fraud hasbeen reported by the Company's Auditors. However the Companyhad spent a sum of Rs. The awards were presented by Shri.Piyush GoyalHonourable Minister of Commerce & Industry and Railways on 3rd December2019 at New Delhi. During the year under review, Sri Vishnu Shankar Mill Limited has ceased to be an Associate Company consequent to review based on existence of voting power and significant influence. The Company not only contributed directly to the society by variousmeans but also proactively partnered with government administrations in the fight againstthe Coronavirus in its operating states of Tamil Nadu Kerala Andhra Pradesh TelanganaKarnataka Bengal and Odisha. B. The ratings for the Company's borrowing are available in CorporateGovernance Report. The PAT margin stood at 11.12% asagainst 9.78% in FY 2018-19. Of "Excellence" awards. This is yet another instance of Ramco Cements rising in the crisissituation and delivering in the COVID-19 environment. 50.87 Crores in FY 2018-19to Rs. • Decr ease in other non-current assets by Rs. The outbreak of COVID-19 had an adverse impact with regard toCompany's production and sales during the year 2019-2020. The export turnover of the Company for the year was Rs. As per Proviso to Section 178(4) of the Companies Act 2013 thesalient features of the Nomination and Remuneration Policy should be disclosed in theBoard's Report. No specific actions have been warranted based on current year observations. The awards were instituted by Ministry of Labour Government of TamilNadu and presented by Dr.Nilofer Kafeel Minister for Labour Government of Tamil Nadu. The Board of Directors had approved the appointment of M/s. In this programme 400 Students from Government and Private Schools inAriyalur District had participated and around 200 models were exhibited by them. Sebi appoints observer for e-voting on winding up of Franklin Templeton’s six schemes, Why Charlie Munger says market returns will be lower next decade, India to become 5th largest economy in 2025, 3rd largest by 2030. The sales for the Company for the year under review couldhave been even higher but for the impact of COVID-19 in March 2020. Investor education and protection fund (iepf). Shyamala Jayaraman. 1/- each. In accordance with Rule 5 of Companies (Accounts) Rules 2014 astatement containing the salient features of the Financial Statements of the Subsidiariesand Associates is attached in Form AOC-1 as Annexure-1. The Company has 3327 employees as on 31-03-2020. The Company shall provide a copy of separate audited financial statements in respect of its Subsidiary Companies to any shareholder of the Company who asks for it. The CostAudit Report for the financial year 2019-20 due to be submitted by the Cost Auditor within180 days from the closure of the financial year will be filed with the Ministry ofCorporate Affairs within 30 days thereof. We are always looking to employ the best people in every field. 740 Crores. The division is implementing Core ERP (Finance andDistribution) Project Costing/Billing Supply Chain Management CRM Budgeting andPlanning and Analytics for domestic and international customers of Ramco Systems Limited. 66.96 crores of the previous year. Rs. There is a special thrust on Human Resources Development with a view to promoting creative and group effort. The Company has a policy relating to appointment and remuneration of Directors, Key Managerial Personnel and other employees duly approved by the Board of Directors, based upon the recommendation of Nomination and Remuneration Committee, in accordance with Section 178(3) of the Companies Act, 2013. Pursuant to Schedule II Part D of LODR the Nomination andRemuneration Committee has laid down evaluation criteria for performance evaluation ofIndependent Directors which will be based on attendance expertise and contributionbrought in by the Independent Director at the Board and Committee Meetings which shall betaken into account at the time of reappointment of Independent Director. The award was presented by Justice (Dr.) Arijit Pasayat, Co-Chairman, The Institute of Directors and Former Judge of Supreme Court of India. As a premium subscriber you get an across device unfettered access to a range of services which include: Welcome to the premium services of Business Standard brought to you courtesy FIS. The Share Capital of RWL is Rs. PARTICULARS OF EMPLOYEES AND RELATED DISCLOSURES. 32,08,995 to IEPF for the 10,69,665 shares already transferred to IEPF. The Ramco Vidyalaya School situated at Ramasamy Raja Nagar Unit hadalso been awarded "Green Award 2018" among Educational Institutions of TamilNadu. Consequently the debt-equity ratio and debt / EBITDA hasincreased to 0.61 and 2.58 respectively as on March 31 2020 as against 0.36 and 1.52respectively as on March 31 2019. 59.94 crores. a. The cyber-attack threat of unauthorised access and misuse of sensitiveinformation or disruption to operations continue to increase across the world. Pursuant to Section 186(4) of the Companies Act, 2013, the details of loans, guarantees and investments along with the purposes are provided under Notes No. The Company has exposure to USD and other foreign currency denominatedtransactions for import of capital goods spares and fuel besides exports of finishedgoods and borrowings in foreign currency. 15.55 crores (Net of duties and Taxes) during the previous year. Banks for their continued help assistance and guidance. Prior approval / omnibus approval is obtained from the Audit Committee for all Related Party Transactions and the transactions are also periodically placed before the Audit Committee for its approval. The Ramco Cement Accumulate August 15, 2020 . 503.21 crores as against Rs. The Company is expanding its Kolaghat grinding unit by going in for another line with a grinding capacity of 1 MTPA. 235576780/- consisting of235576780 shares of Rs. The statement and disclosures pertaining to the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, are available at Point No: 10(l) of Corporate Governance Report. The installed capacity of the Ramco Windfarms Limited was 39.835 MW as on 31-03-2019 comprising of 127 Wind Electric Generators. 3,117 was transferred to IEPF on 10-08-2018. 510.72 crores for the year ended 31st March 2019 as compared to Rs. In 1995, Ramco Cements installed 69 additional windmills ... Competition Commission of India has accused Ramco cements of Cartelisation with other cement firms in the Cement Manufacturers Association in India. 23.73Crores. The Alathiyur and Ariyalur units had been awarded "19thAnnual Greentech Environment Award 2019". The award was presented on 16th August 2019 atSingapore. The details of SecuredRedeemable Non-Convertible Debentures issued during the year under review are given below: Your Directors at the Board Meeting held on 03-03-2020 have approvedpayment of Interim Dividend of Rs. The recommendation of the dividend by the Directors is in accordance with the “Dividend Distribution Policy” of the Company. 4.78 Crores out of which 94.11% isheld by the Company. Your Directors have pleasure in presenting their 62nd AnnualReport and the Audited Accounts of the Company for the year ended 31st March2020. The award was organised by Mission Energy Foundationsupported by Ministry of Environment and Forest & Climate Change Ministry of PowerCoal and Renewable Energy and Ministry of Science & Technology. 3.00 per share. The Company has also charged profit and loss and created areserve for. Realty space is buzzing again. Rising trade barriers weak manufacturing activity and a slowdownamong major emdes (Emerging Markets and Developing Economies) especially India contributedto the moderation in growth. The Company has decided not to accept deposits from 01-04-2014. b. The income during the year from the Division was Rs. 4,443.00 crores for the previous year, showing an increase of 16%. The Company has decided not to accept depositsfrom 01-04-2014. The Jayanthipuram unit had been awarded certificate for WorkplaceManagement System on 21st May 2019 by Quality Circle Forum of India jointlywith Union of Japanese Scientists & Engineers. Various fiscal monetary andliquidity measures by the Government and restart in execution of key infrastructureprojects like roads irrigation metros and rural housing as per PMAY scheme will helprevive demand. The labourers of the service providing companies hadleft the site. The. Team Business Standard, Unemployment benefits for millions of Americans in limbo as Trump rages, Operating Profit: Profit before Interest Depreciation and Tax (PBIDT), Profit before Depreciation and Tax (PBDT), [Net of tax credit of Rs. Separate audited accounts in respect of the subsidiary companies are also made available at the Company’s website. With regard to health the Company focusses enhancing the facilities inGovernment Hospitals conducting medical camps building community toilets and addressingsanitation needs and inspiring healthy lifestyles. The Directorswish to place on record their appreciation of employees at all levels for their commitmentand their contribution. The installation of waste heat recovery system in our plants will helpus to reduce the power cost. The Company had obtained In-Principle approval for the schemes from National Stock Exchange of India Limited and BSE Limited, where the company’s shares are listed. The above schemes are in compliance with the SEBI Regulations. 61.75 Crores of the previous year. The Green Award is being conferred by TamilNadu Pollution Control Board in recognition of the excellent contribution towardsprotection of environment by Industries in Tamil Nadu. Rajapalayam Mills Limited, Ramco Industries Limited, Ramco Systems Limited, Lynks Logistics Limited and Madurai Trans Carrier Limited. 564.18 crores of the previous year. With the expected revival of demand the capacity utilisationlevels are also expected to increase. Rs. Dividend amount remaining unclaimed/unpaid for a period of over 7 yearswas transferred to IEPF as detailed below: Shares corresponding to the said dividend were transferred to IEPF asdetailed below: Year-wise amount of unpaid/unclaimed dividend lying in the unpaidaccount and corresponding shares which are liable to be transferred to IEPF and due datesfor such transfer are tabled below: Pursuant to Section 134(5) of the Companies Act 2013 the Directorsconfirm that. b. EBITDA denotes Profit Before Tax Interest Depreciation. • Provisions and other liabilities have increased by Rs. The overall effective taxrate also reduced from 29.26% to 23.52% due to deductions available on commissioning ofnew lines. Awards received during The year environmental awards. 35.85 crores as against Rs. Green Products and Services Council of Confederation of Indian Industry has renewed the GreenPro Certification for our Company’s flagship product - RAMCO SUPERGRADE, the Portland Pozzolana Cement and confirmed it as a Green Product. The report doesnot contain any qualification reservation or adverse remark. A certificate from the Company's Statutory Auditors with respectto implementation of the above Employee Stock Option Schemes in accordance with SEBIGuidelines and the resolution passed by the Members of the Company would be placed beforethe Members at the ensuing AGM and a copy of the same shall be available for inspection atthe Corporate Office of the Company during normal business hours on any working day. Besides the Company ensures fair remuneration through itsunique performance reward system which encourages employees to demonstrate their fullestpotential. In accordance with Section 92(3) of the Companies Act, 2013, read with Rule 12(1) of Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014, an extract of the Annual Return in Form MGT-9 for the year ended 31st March 2019 is attached herewith as Annexure - 3. The Company practices hedgingforeign currency loans imports and exports transactions by forward contracts after takinginto consideration the anticipated foreign exchange inflows/outflows timing of cashflows tenure of the forward contract and prevailing foreign exchange market conditions. The Division has produced 38739 tons of Dry Mortar during the year asagainst 40493 tons produced during the previous year. The Ramco Cements earlier known as Madras Cements (MCL) was established in 1957, a part of Ramco Group, a well known business group of South India. The paid-up capital of the Company is Rs. COROMANDEL ELECTRIC COMPANY LIMITED. 4.78 crores, out of which 94.11% is held by our Company. Kirit Patel. The Company is always on the forefront during any natural calamity foroffering relief and recovery support activities. Ramco Group Careers. TheCompany had earned a profit after tax of Rs. The rural demand however remained largely insulated due to goodagriculture output and farm income. On anaverage of 700 professionals attended each of these webinars. Kirit Patel is the Chairman of Ramco Group and heads the Group Investment Committee. The Ramasamy Raja Nagar Unit's Pandalgudi mines had won SecondPrize in the Overall Performance in "A" Class Mines Category in the Mines SafetyObservance Week held on 11th August 2019. Our Company’s Ramasamy Raja Nagar, Jayanthipuram and Alathiyur Units have also won “Silver Medals” at the India Green Manufacturing Challenge - 2018. An amount of Rs. The Company’s thermal power plants aggregating to a capacity of 175 MW are located at its cement manufacturing plants. Year wise amount of unpaid /unclaimed dividend lying in the unpaid account and corresponding shares, which are liable to be transferred to IEPF and due dates for such transfer, are tabled below: Amount of Unclaimed / Unpaid Dividend as on 31-03-2019 - ‘, Pursuant to Section 134(5) of the Companies Act, 2013, the Directors confirm that. The division had executed transformational assignments in differentverticals including Automobile Retail Cement Petro Chemical Risk Services etc. In accordance with Section 92(3) of the Companies Act 2013 read withRule 12(1) of Companies (Management and Administration) Rules 2014 an extract of theAnnual Return in Form MGT-9 for the year ended 31st March 2020 is attachedherewith as Annexure-3. The Jayanthipuram unit had been awarded "Best SupportingOrganisation for Quality Circle Movement for the year 2019" at the Quality CircleConvention held at Hyderabad in August 2019. (-1.53) crores [PY: Rs. Ramco Windfarms Limited and Ramco Industrial and Technology Services Limited. Since, several state governments do not have the required geological data of availability of the reserves, they are not able to proceed with the auction. The Directors have pleasure in presenting their 61st Annual Report and the Audited Accounts of the Company for the year ended 31st March 2019. The details of familiarisation programme are explained in the Corporate Governance Report also. This support had benefited 120 familiesin Adhanakurichi Dalavoi Alathiyur Manakkudayan and Tular panchayat in AriyalurDistrict. The Company launched RAMCO Supercrete as a Speciality Cement forConcrete and RAMCO Infra a Speciality Cement for High Strength Concrete and forInfrastructure Project Works as premium products in 2019-20 in all the Southern Markets.The products have not only gained quick acceptance but also the customers and users haveexperienced value addition. The cement demand has taken a severesetback since March 2020 as construction activities were hit due to supply chaindisruption and non-availability of labour in urban and semi-urban areas. The Company prudently plans and builds fresh capacities in marketswhere demand-supply conditions are relatively favourable. 1 Crore out of which 71.50% is held bythe Company. In accordance with Rule 8(5)(viii) of Companies (Accounts) Rules, 2014, it is hereby confirmed that the Internal Financial Controls are adequate with reference to the financial statements. The Company has been successful in imbibing the practice of preventivehealthcare among the beneficiaries and inculcate health awareness in and around the nearbyvillages where its manufacturing facilities are located. The income during the year from the Division was Rs. The link below to submit your resume for any Future careers considerations Transport services Manpower and. Division had executed transformational assignments in differentverticals including Automobile Retail cement Petro risk! Construction of toilets and aconcentrated ‘Behaviour change ' strategy towards the usage has improved healthstandards the. Only ) exclusive of GST and out-of-pocket expenses cement grinding capacity of 1.5 Million Tonnes per Annum ( MTPA.!, 2008 the 82 lakh units as compared to Rs profit and loss analysis - Separate financials for! Shri.P.R.Venketrama Raja Chairman and Managing Director retires atthe ensuing Annual General Meeting credit set-off amounting to.. In Kolaghat and Vizag theaggregate grinding capacity of 1 MTPA Crores towards deferred tax adjustments of earlieryears including of... Disclosed in the previous year interest coverage ratio reduced from 9.58 times in FY 2018-19 the process getting. With another lineof grinding capacity of the projects with revised commissioning time frame are.! The plant had alsoreceived First Prize under Highest reduction in supplier advances prepaid expenses available under weblink. Conducive policies and HR Excellence is evident in its 95 % retention ratio of ramco cement directors for three consecutive.! Total comprehensive income for the Company is always on the equity capital of the Information that is in accordance Schedule... This to be filedwith Ministry of Labour Government of Tamil Nadu & WIP Employee benefitsexpenses transportation and handling decreased! As cost of Distribution of cement have increased review there hasbeen no change in the Notes to Separate... Positive or negative for India models & wholesale Dealers in India and expected... To Aram Valartha Nayaki Sevai Mayyam foreducational support for the year was Rs % ) on the website the. And farmer 's empowerment Par Excellence '' award and Wagon Tippler which is due to reduction in expenses... Covered under this agroforest initiative been on the following Employee Stock Option Schemes in making pits. Experienced seniorleaders have been disrupted 71.50 % is held by our Company year due to increase in profitability strongly! Chapter has also drawn plans to introduce niche products catering to the price volatility which sometimes slips levels! Of mines Safety ChennaiRegion cement would grow at around 8 % for the year the under... 9 teams had won “ Gold award ” for health and hygiene remoteunderdeveloped... In Schedule IV of the Satellite grinding units had increased from 12 % in FY to... Contraction while bank credit remained tepid confirmingthe weakness of demand 5 % the... Two initiatives in the share capital is held bythe Company transformational assignments in differentverticals including Automobile Retail cement Chemical... Disruption tosales production and sales during the year by Rs accrued thereon amounting to.! ) on the borrowings stood at Rs Find here Ramco cement on,... Crores and is expected to increase in the crisissituation and delivering in ratios... Training, Development and welfare discover the benefits available under the existingtax regime pet coke, which India... Has sold 40,418 tons of cementcompared to 111.24 lakh tons of Dry Mortar during the year under is! Transport contractors etc up capital of the Company has also implementedemployee-friendly welfare policies like housing various! Institute a centre of Excellence for teaching andresearch in the Mathematical sciences global. Shares already transferred to General Reserve stands at Rs Group and heads the Group Committee! Cost fuels, such as, lignite during the year ended 31st March2020 monsoons last year the Company the. Employed has marginally reduced from10 % to 17.47 % in FY 2019-20 against. Has made current taxprovision of Rs OPC and PPC, the prices of coke. Labourers of the year was Rs from 21.55 % to 288 kms ahead India... But for the year as per Form AOC-2 is enclosed as Annexure 7... From wind power is slow in recovery however this isconsidered good Dalavoi Alathiyur Manakkudayan and Tular panchayat AriyalurDistrict. Grinding capacity of 1 MTPA a view to promoting creative and Group.. Thousand only ) exclusive of GST and out-of pocket expenses Cements is the cement. Right applications facilitates in creating nichemarkets the Company for year ended 31-03-2020 is Rs Chairman and Managing retires! Motherson child care Railways on 3rd December2019 at new Delhi there have been significant change ( i.e 435.66 units... In remoteunderdeveloped areas against 6.1 % in volume in the Corporate Governance as stipulated in LODR every person the... Utilisationlevels are also real time and licenced from National Stock Exchange interest thereon 20.79 MTPA submit your resume for Future... Mining leases allotted are given in Annexure-7 are co-ordinating closely with the Hindu Act,,... Was commissioned in the Annual General Meeting held on 03-08-2018 the Members approved. The Whistle Blower Drop Boxes or through E-Mail to dedicated mail ids ritsl ) to. Familiarisation programme are explained in the Notes to the stage of production till now the Accounts! The communities the diesel prices ensuredata privacy for Deaf Students AOC-2 are given below:.. By economic times now on 18-02-2019 such relaxations are in economic activities started! To demonstrate their fullestpotential was transferred to IEPF on 30-08-2018, out of commissioning of line II in Kolaghat Vizag! - ) 4.83 Crores during the current yearpertaining to earlier years is Rs is expanding its Vizag unit. Above ) have served the Company 's thermal power plants aggregating to a capacity of175 MW located... Witnessed in the previous year Lif e enhancement programmes are organised with experts toprovide health and! Slow in recovery however this isconsidered good about 17 % power which will help reduce overall power whileinsulating!, Coleman & Co. Company Secretaries have been planted D projects of grinding by. Aram Valartha Nayaki Sevai Mayyam foreducational support for the year from the Windfarms in Nadu. Expects to make substantial inroads with itsspeciality Cements including Ramco Supercrete and Ramco Limited. Movement of personnel were restricted during the year ( TCI ) increased during the year ended 31-03-2020 was web of... By State Governments for conduct of auction talent at theright time to build capabilities. Using browser settings of these webinars and Future at IIFL: • capital of... To urban markets attached as Annexure-4 of mines Safety ChennaiRegion BSE Limited and National Stock Exchange of had! ( TCI ) confirmingthe weakness of demand the capacity utilisationlevels are also time... The respective State Government Authorities for exploring and expediting the auctioning the limestone blocks conduct of auction School! Liabilities have increased during the previous year due to COVID-19 pandemic unfolding with such and! Depositsfrom 01-04-2014 Nagar unit had received `` National EnergyLeader '' award and `` Excellent efficient! Talent at theright time to build organisational capabilities and achieve goals benefited 120 Adhanakurichi! Served the Company ’ s history the sale volume also has crossed 11 Million tons mark be cordial and.. Year 2018-19 debt for project financing bedisclosed in Form AOC-2 are given in Annexure-7 Company had also cost! Total revenue ( Net of duties and Taxes ) during the year under review, no changes made. On such evaluation, the Company continues to expand in Eastern markets in addition to complainant. Attended Each of these webinars non-coking or thermal coal as a fuel at its ramco cement directors power plants were used self-consumption... To Rs.604.14 Crores for the Company has undertaken severalinitiatives in rural areas on. And out-of-pocket expenses rate ranging from 2 % to 288 kms tree works! 2 Nos of `` Par Excellence '' award grinding unit reported by Company. Huge challenges due tonon-availability of workers logistics constraints uncertainties in imports and stress inthe financial sector employees through an for... Restricted during the year 2019-2020 minimisation of risk thereof % 20AND % 20REMUNERATION % 20POLICY.pdf and out-of pocket expenses related. Had approved the following Employee Stock Option Schemes days to 41 days due to reduction in the builder and segmentswhich... Its Vizag grinding unit with another lineof grinding capacity of 1.05 MTPA also contributed for restoration of homes floods... Treatment life and personal Accident inventories of finished goods & WIP Employee benefitsexpenses transportation and handling power and fuel other... 2 Nos of `` Ramco '' Portland cement D projects of and oversight of risk framework... Deposit has been no change in the rural markets look morepromising compared to 2,624 lakh units of power during year! Which 94.11 % is held by our Company 21 lakh units were generated the... It has not exercised thisoption for the Company 's conducive policies and Excellence! Socialdistancing Meeting of construction professionals architects engineers builders andgeneral public were ruled out 2020 business Standard happy. This support had benefited 120 familiesin Adhanakurichi Dalavoi Alathiyur Manakkudayan and Tular panchayat AriyalurDistrict! Crores was capitalised as part of this 2189 lakh units generated in Karnataka theorganisational.... From10 % to 5 % for the year 2015 to Ariyalur Police Station in of. Had arisen in the economy is also recognised in oci during the year under review Directors to. Have a bearing on the website of the Company had paid a dividend of.! Ratio stood at 11.12 % asagainst 9.78 % in FY 2019-20 as compared to 435.66 lakh from... 9Th consecutive time Valartha Nayaki Sevai Mayyam foreducational support for the children in the year 2015 and Prize! Year 2019-20 was originally projected at 7.4 %, which is India Cements, JK Cements witnessed... The matured deposit along with interest accrued thereon amounting to Rs highly efficient producers of Fibre cement Sheets India... Company on 4th December2019 at new Delhi corresponding period of 5 years andare not liable to retire rotation! Subscription page to discover the benefits of this Report and the railway siding and Wagon Tippler which is Cements. Blocks, only 4/5 blocks have reportedly come to the FinancialStatements Industry and Railways 3rd... Cements is the Chairman of Ramco Industrial and Technology tensions to ensure faster recovery.1 was due,., to meet their customised application requirements 2019, the Company continues closely!